Colorfull Antique Stamp Release

Product Description

Colorfull Stamp Release is a tinted powder that forms a hydrophobic barrier which prevents the sticking of the concrete surface to the stamping tools. It is available in a wide variety of colors. Colorfull Antique Stamp Release can also be custom-matched to almost any color to give your project its own unique look.


Colorfull Stamp Release is broadcast to the plastic concrete surface after floating and troweling, prior to the placement of the stamping tools. Do not trowel Colorfull Stamp Release into the surface of the concrete. Avoid windy conditions. Over-application will decrease the detail of the pattern. The release prevents the concrete from sticking to the stamping tools while a portion of the release becomes imbedded into the recesses of the stamp pattern. The amount of stamp release adhering to the concrete surface will depend upon how hard the concrete surface was at the time of application and stamping. It can be used in matching or contrasting colors. A combination of colors can be used to achieve a variety of interesting effects. Use Colorfull Stamp Release over our Colorfull Color Hardener for an even richer and wider variety of coloring effects.


Colorfull Antique Stamp Release is not meant to be used as a finished surface and should not be used as the primary coloring agent. This product is used solely to release the stamping tools and, if desired, to give a contrasting color effect from a small amount of material that is left remaining on the surface after removed. If the release agent is applied while the concrete is too wet, removal of the stamp release may become difficult. Waiting too long will minimize the bond, causing most of the release to be washed away.


Colorfull Antique Stamp Release is packaged in 32 pound, moisture resistant, plastic pails for easy use on the job. The rate of application will vary depending upon the pattern of the stamping tool, the degree to which the concrete has set and the intensity of the coloring contrast to be achieved. Typically 3 to 4 pounds, sometimes more, is required for 100 square feet.


Sweep off remaining release once the slab has hardened. Wash approximately 3-7 days after application. Surfaces prepared in this matter must be sealed with our Colorfull Clear Sealer to enhance the appearance and true color of the stamp release. Prior to sealing, this material will have a muted, chalky appearance.


When working with this product all personnel must wear OSHA-NIOSH approved masks. Avoid inhalation and contact with skin or eyes. Wear rubber gloves and aprons to protect skin and safety goggles for eyes. See MSDS for further instructions. Wash hands prior to eating or smoking. Wash clothes after use of product. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally.


This product is intended for use only by licensed contractors, experienced and trained in the use of this material. Since no control of its selection or application is made no guarantee is expressed or implied regarding its use. Admixture's only liability shall be the replacement of any product proven to be defective.

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